Dance fun in Oak PM

We have had lots of fun exploring Highland dance in the Oak PM session. We have talked about Highland dress and kilts and the special dance pumps that they wear with the long shoe laces. We have learnt how to do Pas de Bas and high cuts and listened to bag pipe music that accompanies Highland dancing. On Friday during gym session, we were joined by the Beech room to have a try at Scottish Country Dancing.

Scottish Country Dancing

We are delighted that a former NC student of ours is returning on Friday 26th to give us a Highland dance show as we continue to celebrate Burns night (25th January). We have also began to look at music symbols and today some of the boys and girls painted crochets. We will continue to learn about written music as we continue with our dance topic. Our letter of the week is letter b and our number of the week is number 1.


Beech Am

Welcome back to another great week in the Beech Class. This week the childen are learning more about Jungle animals . Attached is our Planning overview .

Our New children are settling in well  to Nursery and becoming more familiar to Nursery routines.

Kind Regards

Beech Am Staff beech am overview 15th jaunary 2018

Beech PM

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting week in the Beech class. Our children are really interested in learning  more about Transport .  If your child would like to bring anything into Nursery connected to Transport then that would be great.

Attached is our overview for the week ahead.

Kind Regards

Beech PM Class parent overview 15th January 2018

Oak AM Planning 15.01.18

We were so happy to see the children back last week and refreshed after the Christmas break.

The children have been keen to learn about marine life so we have chosen to look at the Oceans for our next topic.  We are sure that the children will love it.

Oak AM 🙂overview 15.01.18

Oak PM planning

Sorry it is a bit late posting on the blog but here is our planning overview for this week! The children all contributed with suggestions on which direction our learning should go and the majority interest requested dance and dancing. This is an incredibly exciting topic and will allow us to explore movement, culture and tradition through out the world. We are looking forward to you joining us during Play ‘n’ Stay and would love for you to join us as we celebrate festivals around the world beginning with Burns Night on January the 25th. Planning Overview 8.1.18

Beech PM Planning Overview

Welcome back to all our children in the Beech Room, hope you all had a nice break.

The children have shown interest in different forms of transport. If they have anything they would like to share from home such as a book, toy or game please feel free to bring it in and share. We will discuss this further this week. Parent Overview – 8.1.2018

OAK AM Christmas Show

We’re all very excited about our Christmas show tomorrow and can’t wait to see you all there.  If you haven’t yet got your tickets please speak to staff today to purchase some.


Thank you

Oak AM 🙂

Beech AM

Hello to all our Beech AM families . Just a reminder that our Christmas Party  is tomorrow 19th December during our normal Nursery Session. Children can come to Nursery in their party clothes  all ready for the  fun and games we will be having.



This will be held at 11am on Thursday 21st December 2017  . The performance will be held in the school gym hall. Please  arrive at the main Primary School entrace to gain access to the hall  for the show .


Thank you for all your co-operation  in providing costumes for the show and purchasing tickets . We really appreciate all you do .


Kind Regards

Miss Stocks , Mrs Fair , Mrs Urqhart, Mrs Stewart & Miss MacKenzie

Beech PM

Welcome to our last week of term. The children are Incredibly excited about Christmas coming as are we.

I have attached our Planning overview for this week as well as the dates for the Christmas party and Christmas show.

Christmas show Beech /Oak pm classes ;- Tuesday 19th December @ 2.30pm . If you still need a ticket for the show they are priced at £2.00 per adult .

Christmas Party  Beech/Oak pm classes  ;- Wednesday 20th December during Normal Nursery session . Children can wear party clothes if they wish to .

Miss MacKenzie and I would   like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

Kind Regards


Miss Stocks & Miss MacKenzie

overview 18th december 2017

Christmas Jumper day 15.12.17

Don’t forget to wear Christmas jumpers tomorrow in aid of Highland Hospice….and don’t forget your £1 donation 🙂

Nursery staff 🙂